1. Shadow

From the recording Over The Edge

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I had the funny feeling you'd be here tonight
To that much I'll confess
You're looking just as good as you did back then
And I'd expect nothing less

Well, it's amazing how the time has passed
Between us nothing seems to change
You live your life and I live mine
That's what we became

But you follow me, baby, like a shadow
Thought it's far behind it's still on my mind
And it probably, oh, doesn't matter
But I think you should know though it may not show it's true

Now I should tell you it's not all the time
It's just now and again
But I wonder who we'd be today
If things had been different back then

And it follows me, baby, like a shadow
Though it's all been done I keep holding on
And it probably, oh, doesn't matter
But it's just who I am; sometimes I can't let go

So we'll go on with our separate lives
I guess that's how it should be, yeah
But I wonder if there's ever times you stop for a moment
And think of me

Do I follow you, baby, like a shadow
When the sun goes down you wish I was around
And you probably think it doesn't matter
But if you told me so I would let you know

That you follow me here like a shadow
It's just the price I pay for things I could not say
And it probably is never gonna matter
But you remain today the one that got away from me