About Steve Schultz

Steve Schultz’s uplifting introspection as a lyricist and anthemic musicality has garnered him favorable comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Ben Folds. After almost a decade in the Hudson Valley and New York City music scenes as a singer/songwriter and cover band front man, the Poughkeepsie, NY, native moved to Nashville in late 2014 without contacts, a job, or a place to live, and quickly discovered he had made the right decision.

“It’s always exciting to be somewhere new,” says Steve, “but particularly exciting to be in a place with such a great musical history and heritage.”

Since moving, Nashville has opened Steve up to great new relationships and opportunities as a songwriter, musician, and performer. In addition to co-writing and demo work, Steve recently completed more than a year of development and recording with Kansas City-born/Nashville-based rock band Bearing Torches, where he covered keyboards and background vocals both in studio and on stage, as well as worked on arrangements and songwriting. He's also found inspiration in Nashville artists and songwriters he was previously unfamiliar with, such as Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Brandy Clark, Luke Laird, Chris DeStefano, Kacey Musgraves, Eric Paslay, Charlie Worsham, and more.

Throughout his career, Steve’s work has been recognized by songwriting competitions and organizations from coast to coast, including being a two-time featured showcase performer with the well-known New York Songwriters Circle, as well as being awarded admission to the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame writers workshop in 2010. With 2013’s Over The Edge, Steve showed that his richly emotive vocals, refined piano playing, and refreshing sincerity are captivatingly distinct. The essential elegance of “Shadow” with just piano and vocal is a stirringly stately “what could have been” love song. With soulful boldness he sings: Well, it's amazing how the time has passed/Between us nothing seems to change/You live your life and I live mine/That's what we became. The uptempo “A Kind Of Faith” is unflinchingly positive, buoyant with rollicking piano, shimmering organ, and a goose-bump inducing sax solo. With sweeping strings, the stunning “Eldridge Avenue” is bittersweetly emotional. It’s a song about chasing your dreams in the face of the painful realities of growing up. “That’s sort of a metaphor for the life of a musician,” Steve says. “You see friends around you getting real jobs, buying houses, and having kids. They’re waiting for you on this mythical avenue, but you’re just trying to find your way with your career goals.”

Steve Schultz is a member of ASCAP and the Nashville Songwriters Association, and prior to moving to Nashville was involved with the New York Songwriters Circle, the New York Songwriters Collective, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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Keyboards                                Guitars
Nord Stage 2 Compact               Fender American Telecaster
Roland RD-300SX                      Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp
                                                  Martin DRSG Acoustic/Electric

Awards & Recognition

Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest
-2013 2-time Semifinalist ("Shadow" & "The Hands of Angels")

Hudson Valley Magazine's "Best of Hudson Valley"
-2013 Best Local Musician (In The Pocket)

New York Songwriters Circle
-2013 October Showcase Performer
-2014 August Showcase Performer

New York Songwriters Collective
-2013 July Showcase Featured Performer

Nashville Songwriters Association
-2016 February "Ones To Watch"

SongDoor International Songwriting Competition
-2013 3-time Honorable Mention ("Shadow," "Over The Edge,"
"Dream Me In Your Arms")

Songwriters Hall of Fame
-2010 Spring Writers Workshop Participant

West Cost Songwriters International Song Contest
-2013 Honorable Mention ("Shadow")

Williamsburg Live Songwriting Competition
-2008 Second Round Finalist ("Over The Edge")

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