"There’s certainly a lack of new romantic balladeers these days, and here Steve Schultz has stepped up to the plate, and hit [Over The Edge] out of the park."
-David Malachowski, The Daily Freeman, June 14, 2013

"[Steve Schultz] shows a lot of promise."
-Jimmy Buff, Program Director, WDST

"Over the Edge is a very solid album with some sure fire singles! If you're not sure if you'll dig it, "Shadow" and "Over the Edge" will totally convince you for completely different reasons!"
-ToniTheCaptain, iTunes reviewer

"A fresh sound…a sound that is both old and new at the same time. [His] music is like meeting someone for the first time and knowing immediately that you will be fast friends."
-Scott Cheney, fan

"Be careful because Steve's music and lyrics we quickly get caught in your head!"
-BenBass, Amazon.com reviewer

"Amazing does not even being to describe this CD [Over The Edge]!! He had me at 'Shadow.'"
-Deb DePalma, fan

"A fresh sound. A sound that is both old and new at the same time. You will instantly fall in love with Steve's music."
-MusicLover17, Amazon.com reviewer

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself singing one of Steve’s songs. And I love his fedora!”
-Nikki Kowalczyk, fan

"His song, 'Shadow,' is the real deal."
-Uncleshag, Host, Longtown Sound podcast

"Engaging original tunes and performance!"
-Shirley Bloethe, Jitters Cafe, Southington, CT

"Steve has blossomed into a talented musician. The progress he has made since his first album is astonishing."
-Sleeplessmedic, iTunes reviewer


Awards & Recognition

Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest
-2013 2-time Semifinalist ("Shadow" & "The Hands of Angels")

Hudson Valley Magazine's "Best of Hudson Valley"
-2013 Best Local Musician (In The Pocket)

Nashville Songwriters Association International
-2016 February "One To Watch"
-2016 April "One To Watch"

New York Songwriters Circle
-2013 October Showcase Performer
-2014 August Showcase Performer

New York Songwriters Collective
-2013 July Showcase Featured Performer

SongDoor International Songwriting Competition
-2013 3-time Honorable Mention ("Shadow," "Over The Edge," & "Dream Me In Your Arms")

Songwriters Hall of Fame
-2010 Spring Writers Workshop Participant

West Cost Songwriters International Song Contest
-2013 Honorable Mention ("Shadow")

Williamsburg Live Songwriting Competition

-2008 Second Round Finalist ("Over The Edge")