1. Sign
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I’m looking for a sign
Something that’ll tell me I’m s’posed to be here
When all I see are empty eyes
I’m looking inside
I try to find the answers to what I’m asking
It took me years to realize

Now, don’t even try
Think you’re gonna get me to give my heart away
I won’t ask for your revenge
Eye for an eye
Think I’ve got a beating that’s deep inside my chest
And a stage deep in my head

I’m looking for a sign
Got to do my best just to keep this in control
As the reigns slip from my hand
I’ve been looking behind
Got to get a grip onto something that I once knew
Anything to help me stand

When I was younger
Everyone would say that I hold fire in my hands
And I guess that I still do
But now that I’m older
I’m seeing that a man boils down to how he stands
When the heat is coming through

I’m looking for a sign
I try to find the path that’ll take me where I want
Where I need to go
And I’m hard for time
How I’m gonna get all this done, boy, I don’t know

Elevators rise
High above the street and away from watchful eyes
You take a breath, you take a stand
A poor mother cries
As her only son slowly turns and walks away