They Hear What You Say Before They Hear What You Play

Last week I talked about Nashville being a small town and the importance of always doing your best to leave a good impression - specifically not giving up mid-song and and walking off the stage at an open mic because…

Nashville Is A Small Town

With a population over 600,000, you might not think Nashville is a small town, but it is. And in terms of the music industry, I've been told and I'm learning that it's very much a company town. Everybody talks to…

The Walking Dead Sucks And You Know It

I realize The Walking Dead is the most massively popular TV show in the world at the moment, but it's time to face facts and acknowledge reality: The Waking Dead sucks and you know it.

Full disclosure: I used to…

MNF (And The Joys of Walking Distance)

It had been years (probably around 20) since I attended my first and only NFL game - until Monday night, of course. And that 20-year mark is very appropriate, considering that 20 degrees was pretty much the temperature outside. Oh…

My Favorite Open Mic In Nashville

As a general rule, I don't really like open mics. I'm sure I've written about this before somewhere, but there it is again. The problem with open mics is embedded in their very format - they're open. Anyone can sign…

Welcome To Nashville

Well things are starting to settle down for me in my new Tennessee digs. I arrived in town on September 24 with a week-long Airbnb reservation so I could apartment hunt, and hunt I did. I looked at 5 or…

The Madison Square Garden Curse

I can't quite explain it, and I don't think I will ever be able to. Every time I see a concert at Madison Square Garden, I get sick. Every. Time.

Strange as it may seem, I've only seen four shows…

The Daily Show Taping

My viewing habits of The Daily Show vary. Sometimes I watch it a lot, sometimes I'll go weeks and weeks without seeing it. Recently - thanks to the government shutdown and the roll-out of - I've been watching a…