Why Over The Edge?

I contemplated two other album titles before I settled on Over the Edge for this new record. Both titles were also names of songs on the album, but they didn't quite get across the right message. Over the Edge is aggressive. The other two were too passive. Over the Edge is about taking charge and moving forward. The other two gave more of the impression of being subject to someone or something else.

But Over the Edge is more than just the initial message of the album - it's very much where my life is and has been for the past almost 3 years trying to get this project done. Trying to juggle time, schedules, money, and resources for so many months pushed me to the breaking point on a few occasions. I was walking a thin line (pun intended), but I never went over the edge. A less dedicated and capable person probably would've given up and tried to move on a couple years ago. Taking the path less traveled isn't easy.

And now, the idea is to go over the edge. To amass all my resources and put them all behind this project that I've worked so long and so hard on. To go big or go home, if you will. I'll go big, take the leap, and go over the edge. Only time will tell at this point if I'll be able to fly, or at least break my fall somehow.

That's what Over the Edge is all about. Shirking off your past, relentlessly climbing to the precipice that you've been eying for years, and then jumping off. And there is no parachute.

(And P.S. this above picture is not the album cover.)

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