Wedding #1 - 882 Miles

Here are some highlights from this past weekend's trip to my old stompin' grounds, Western New York:

-Having my first trash plate in probably 4 years, which I admittedly forgot how to order. I got it from Charlie's in Webster, and believe me when I tell you it was dynamite. My friend Tim thinks I set some sort of speed record. Maybe it was a personal best.

-Saw my grandparents. It's rare these days that I'm in the area, so I made a special trip to see them.

-Crashing the rehearsal dinner at Shadow Lake. OK, so I didn't really crash it, but suffice to say that I was not in the wedding party, and "crashing" sounds more badass.

-Two of my closest friends from college - Dayle & Scott - got married! I got to see all my closest friends from my Geneseo days and a handful of people that I haven't seen in years.

-The food at the reception was out of this world. It was on-site barbeque catered by Smokin' Hot Chicks. I really can't say enough about it. The bride and groom really did their homework on that one and it was amazing.

-And of course, I went to Wegmans. It is by far my favorite supermarket and I miss it dearly. Anyone who is familiar with it knows what I mean. Over the course of three days I made two trips, and got a three-berry muffin and "Danny's Favorite" wrap. It's like I never left.

Here is some video that I took at the wedding reception:

This upcoming weekend I'm in Atlantic City for the wedding of my oldest friend. And I'm in this one. Giving a toast. Look out.

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