Things Begin To Fall Into Place

Finally the album release is set for June 11, with the launch party being planned for June 8 (full details coming soon), and don't forget the CD Listening Party in Poughkeepsie on April 27th. It almost feels like things are beginning to fall into place. Who would've imagined that? Maybe now my stress level can start to come down a little bit? Well, that has yet to be seen.

In anticipation of the release I'm already started to see some favorable press opportunities coming in, and I've had some good planning conversations recently with my PR company. In fact, I got my personalized marketing plan delivered to be two days ago and I've been trying to sort through all the information in it. There is a lot to go over and do, and sometimes too much. When in doubt, make a listen. Then pick one task - any task - and just do it. Start anywhere, but start.

One thing's for sure: this will not be the release of A Thin Line all over again. This time I'm armed with more experience, more knowledge, more resources, better music in front of me, and a better team behind me. I'm ready to go Over The Edge. I hope you are, too.

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