The Oddness Of Shooting A Music Video

In preparation for the release of my upcoming new album (and trust me it won't be "upcoming" forever), I am currently working on two music videos. The only other music video I've released was for "Endless Sky" back in January 2011, but to be honest that was more of a slideshow. And last Christmas my cover band In The Pocket released a video for "Please Come Home For Christmas" by The Eagles, but I just appeared in the video - I wasn't really the main focus and I didn't have to act. But these two new ones are full-out videos. One has a loose concept, one has an actual story to it. One involves me kinda just being there, the other involves me actually acting. These are somewhat new experiences for me.

When I was younger my sister studied film at Vassar College, and I helped out by starred in some of her student films. I remember one silent project that involved me not being allowed to play with the older kids at a baseball field, and another with music where I got scolded for not cleaning up my room to the tune of "Yakety Yak" by The Coasters. So, I'm not wholly without experience, right? Kinda, I guess. Being in front of the camera this way can take some getting used to.

On Sunday night we were shooting a scene in the Poughkeepsie train station. Obviously there were people around. I mean it is a working train station, and people have to get where they're going, but they were content to sit around watching us while they waited for their trains to board. Honestly, the only people who seemed to have an issue were the cops. We had been there for an hour when they came up and asked how long we were going to be there. Then they asked if we had permission. Permission? It's the freaking train station, dude. I guess somehow three people being in the train station lobby was going to prevent people from making their train, or arriving safely back to their cars after they arrive. I had no idea we had such power. We also shot on the platform, and there was a conductor who couldn't help but comment on how serious I looked. Even as the train was pulling out she was hanging out of the door, practially heckling me! It was at that point that I couldn't keep it together anymore. Thanks, Ms. Conductor!

Hopefully the shooting of both videos will be completed by the end of this month. But when they're be edited and released is still to be determined.

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