The Home Stretch

I've never run a marathon, but I imagine that after you've run 26 miles you can feel pretty drained. But I also imagine that once you hit that last .2 miles and the finish line is coming up fast, you get a jolt of energy. You've come all this way and you're almost there. That's kind of how I felt yesterday in the studio as we were finalizing the mixes for the new album. Yes, it's not done yet (it still needs to be mastered) and yes it's not released yet (right now we're looking at late spring), but at times I've felt like I've been pushing a boulder up the side of a mountain, and now I can finally see the top.

Recording my first CD wasn't nearly as difficult. From the time I initially had the idea of recording A Thin Line to the time it was released was about a year. For the new one we're looking at about 3 years. A Thin Line was recorded, mixed, and mastered in about 8 days. I can't even begin to count the number of days we spent in the studio tracking and editing for this one. And money-wise...well let's just say that we've exceed the budget for A Thin Line by about 50%. So, yes, my first CD wasn't nearly as arduous, but it's also not nearly as good.

Next week the tracks will be mastered, and once I've approved them they'll go directly to the manufacturer since all of the artwork will be completed and ready to go at that time as well. I'm hoping to have the final completed product in my hand around February 1st, at which point all of the people who contributed funds to the album fund will be able to get theirs. I hope you're one of them.

The boulder is almost to the top of the mountain. The next step is to push it down the other side and see how far it rolls.

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