The $100 Offer

Saturday night my cover band In The Pocket played Bacchus in New Paltz.  Good show.  I hope you where there.  Anyway, immediately after we played our encore a very...attractive (hot) blond woman with a slight foreign accent came right up next to me and started asking into my ear if I knew a certain song, which she then started singing.  I recognized it, and thought it was some kind Irish or Scottish folk song, but I didn't really know it.  She then asked me if I would sing it with her.  I was reluctant, because we had just finished and turned off the equipment, and I didn't want the night to turn into some kind of drunken karaoke party (that's reserved for my show at Mulligan's).  So, she says, "What if I gave you $100?"  I responded, "Well, for $100 I guess I would sing just about anything."  Off she went.

She came back with $80, and I laughingly told her that I didn't want her money.  She persisted.  I told her I hoped she enjoyed the show, but that I didn't want her money.  I turned around and she literally put it in my back pocket.  I took it out and gave it back to her.  The guy she was with (boyfriend? husband?) then gave her another $20.  "We're from New York and we want to have a good time."  Listen, I'm flattered that you really want me to sing this song that I don't know with you, but you've had a lot to drink and I don't want your money.  Believe me when I say that she used every form of female persuasion to get me to sing with her, but I held my ground.  I hope you had fun, but I don't think it's going to happen.  She was pretty disappointed.

Then she asked me what I was doing later.

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