Saturday On The Beach

I've played some bizarre gigs in my day, but Saturday's show that I played with In The Pocket on the beach in New Jersey may be one of the weirdest. Allow me to explain.

We were having power issues all day. Our power sources weren't strong enough to support all our equipment, and as a result our PA would occasionally cut in and out when we pushed it too hard. Our guitar player, Jared, was also having issues with his amp, presumably for the same reason. Now picture this scene:

It's about 8:45PM on a day that saw 3 of us drive from NY to NJ, we all had spent time in the sun and the water, and we're moving toward the end of our 3rd set. We're set up on the beach, playing for a bunch of vacationers who had been drinking all afternoon and evening, and some of us had been drinking a little as well. And that's when Jared's guitar decided it wasn't going to work properly without more power...that we didn't have.

So what does Jared do? He puts down his guitar, picks up his microphone, and starts singing his parts. Yes, he started to sing his parts. His guitar parts. Through "Wild Nights," "Summer of '69," "You Can Call Me Al," and "Tiny Dancer," Jared did his best to make his mouth sound like a guitar, and it was hilarious. And priceless. There were a number of times when I lost it and could do nothing but laugh into the mic, and thankfully the crowd was having as much fun as we were. Eventually we got to a point where we just couldn't go any further, so we had called it a night. But it is with almost 100% percent certainty that there will never be another ITP show like that again. One-of-a-kind. Out of control.

Earlier in the day we were having a discussion about who was the funniest member of the band. I think Jared made a pretty damn good argument.

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