PR, Anyone? Part II

So, I've finally decided on a PR company and have gotten the ball rolling. They immediately sent me their intake document - a 12-page questionnaire about me: my music, my life, my childhood, my accomplishments, my hobbies, my interests, my fans, etc. They also gave me a list of things I need to do, such as sending them my album, recorded podcast bumpers, and high-resolution photos, as well as linking up all of my online profiles and supplying them with the info they need to set up ones that I don't yet have.

It has been a somewhat daunting task, as it's quite a lot of information to compile and actions to complete. But I was able to tackle a good bit of it this past Sunday as I laid around exhausted from the weekend's gigs and my upset sleep schedule (late night, early morning, later night, etc.). And some of the questions seemed a little existential to me, for example: "Who would your ideal fan be?" Or "What do you want people to say about your music? How do you want people to remember you?" Geez, I don't know - I'm tired and really just thinking about The Walking Dead coming on at 9. Well, that's maybe not the best answer.

I'll keep you updated as things progress. And by the way, I will be releasing the cover of my upcoming new album, Over the Edge, on Wednesday, March 20, through my mailing list. Are you on it? Sign up at, get two exclusive songs for free, and see the cover art first.

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