One Week Out

We're one week out from the full release of Over The Edge, and some things are starting to happen. A few of my new songs are getting some placements on various podcasts - one based out of South Carolina, another dedicated to jogging to up-tempo indie music. is current hosting a contest where 5 winners will receive a copy of the CD. I'm traveling up to Albany on Thursday to be interviewed for on The New School's internet radio, and June 21st I'm going to be featured on The Hudson Valley Music Spotlight on 100.7FM WHUD. All the lyric videos are done and will be posted on YouTube by this Friday. Other things are in the works.

The thing that still remains a challenge is booking - specifically outside of the Hudson Valley. Albany, New York City, western Connecticut, northern New Jersey - I've reached out to venues in each of these areas and haven't had much success. I've contacted other artists to talk about splitting shows in our respective home markets without anything panning out so far. It's almost like a catch-22: they won't book you unless they know you, but they won't know you until they book you. It's not a very easy environment to make headway in.

Most everything else are detail things. Making sure everything is lined up for the Album Launch Party on June 8. Rehearsing with the band. Planning the food and raffles. Following up with my PR company every day. Finishing up the next video (not really a details thing, but it is waiting to be finished). And as always, the thing that I never get to do enough is write. One day I will have resources, and do-it-yourself will no longer be do-it-all-yourself. I see other artists releasing 2 or more albums in the time it takes me to do 1. They're able to put together a tour and I struggle to book shows.

But there are better things coming up on the road ahead. I can feel it.

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