My Least Favorite Christmas Song

In my email to my mailing list last week, I talked about my top favorite Christmas songs, and yesterday on my Facebook page I posted my all-time favorite. So, now that Christmas is over (and I hope you had a good one), I thought I would fill you in on my least favorite. As much as Christmas is a time of peace and joy, I have hate in my heart for "The Christmas Shoes" by New Song.

Thankfully, I haven't heard this song on the radio this year, because it is the worst. It is so cheesy and melodramatic that it makes me want to gag, and the children's choir singing towards the end just makes me roll my eyes. I do believe that YouTube commenter nicholaswasright was on the right track when he wrote, "This song gave me diabetes." You bet it did. And what the hell is Sam Seaborn doing in the music video? Come on, Sam, you're better than that.

But don't take my word for it. Patton Oswalt has already beaten me to a phenomenal take-down of the song:

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