MNF (And The Joys of Walking Distance)

It had been years (probably around 20) since I attended my first and only NFL game - until Monday night, of course. And that 20-year mark is very appropriate, considering that 20 degrees was pretty much the temperature outside. Oh, yes, we were bundled up tight.

Why did I go? Obviously because the tickets were free! My one housemate's nephew works for ESPN so he got us tickets specifically for the Steelers vs. Titans game because my other housemate is a big Steelers fan. And I could give a damn. But if it's free, it's for me, so off we went kept warm by the layers of clothes, the hot chocolate, and the Jim Beam!

I actually had a pretty good time. I don't like watching football and don't root for a team (despite the large amount of Bills and Giants fans amongst my family and friends), but seeing it live was a lot of fun. The game goes a lot faster in person than on TV, and being in the thick of it with the fans was exciting. And since there really are very few Titans fans and Pittsburgh is only about 9 hours from Nashville, the place was filled with lots of Steelers fans. I'd have to say at least half the crowd was rooting for the Steelers, myself included because of my housemate (my allegiances are up for grabs).

And the best part? Aside from the Steelers winning, the good seats, the boisterous company, and the smuggled-in bourbon, we we were able to take Lyft there and then walk back. No fighting with traffic, no jacked up parking fees, and no having to drive, and that's the larger point of this post: everything is so close in Nashville, especially to where I live right now. Despite the cold, us walking home from LP Field was an easy 1.6 mile trip. When I went to the CMAs last week? We walked home. When I hit Rock Bottom a few days after that? Yeah, we walked both ways. If I want to catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium I can watch tickets online right up until showtime, buy tickets last minute, walk to the venue, and still make it on time. Back in Poughkeepsie the closest arena is in Manhattan, Albany, Long Island, or Hartford - trips that take a little planning and maybe even more driving. But not here. It's very convenient.

And then later on we went to the Hermitage Cafe for late night breakfast.

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