Just What I Need

I'm sure this has happened to you before.  You look at your to-do list and you see all the things that you have to accomplish - prepare for recording the saxophones this weekend, prepare for recording the slide guitar next weekend, schedule and continue prepping for recording the string sections, work on some new songs, etc., etc., etc. - and then you get a cough.  The cough soon progresses to include a headache, and then to full-body chills.  Needless to say, this is bullshit.  And yet here I am.  I went to the studio last night and took care of a few things that need to get done because I had the sneaking suspicion that I would feel worse today.  And I do.

So, here I sit, enjoying ginger ale & orange juice (my favorite drink when I'm sidelined by germs).  I'm able to do a little passive work, but any kind of active work is pretty much a no-go, and working out is completely out of the question.  I'm currently watching The Daily Show.  Next is The Colbert Report.  I've already watched She's Out Of My League (which was great, by the way).  I'm writing this blog.  I sent some emails, and I will probably send some more.  But it's so frustrating being taken out of the game when you've got so many things to do.

How do you pass the time when you're stuck home sick?

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