Grammys 2012

OK, here it goes:

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: More, please, and he was classic Springsteen - energetic and with a message. I'm hoping to see him when the tour swings back stateside in the summer. And as per the cries of bad taste for him saying, "Are you alive out there?" Get over it - he says that at every show and it had nothing to do with Whitney Houston.

Chris Brown - who cares?

Adele - of course she was going to sweep, and I felt bad for anyone nominated in the same category as her. And the performance? Dynamite. Interestingly, I thought that her voice sounded noticeably different since she had her surgery, but not in a bad way. Just different. Almost stronger and more confident.

Rihanna & Coldplay - I honeslty didn't think either of them sounded that good, which is too bad because I like Coldplay's song "Paradise." But vocally I think Chris Martin needs to do something a little different live.

Maroon 5, Foster the People, & The Beach Boys - Eh. This didn't really do anything for me. It didn't even seem like the bands were playing - just the lead singers singing over the Beach Boys' regular band while everyone else faked it. But I thought the looks on the faces of Foster the People were great. They looked exactly how I imagine I would look, nervous and thinking "oh my god, we're playing the Grammys!" As for the actual Beach Boys, it's never fun to see former stars way past their prime and yet still holding on to it. Maybe I shouldn't, but I felt kinda bad for Brian Wilson, like he didn't really want to be there. And I've always thought Mike Love was a dick. I still do.

Katy Perry - was is about Russell Brand? I don't think so. But to be honest I don't care about her personal life.

Jennifer Hudson - spot-on. She did a great job.

Nicki Minaj - what the hell was that? Like seriously, what a collossal waste of time, money, effort, and talent. Talent of the dancers, by the way - not her. Being able to talk really fast and rhyme words that have nothing to do with each other is not, to me, a talent. Or if it is she should be relegated to the ends of radio commerials. Its people like her who make it so hard for real music out there. But I know that if I hate it, then there is someone who absolutely loves it. There is no justice in the world.

The End - Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, and Joe Walsh trading guitar solos? Pretty cool. If you've never seen Paul live then you may not know that he kills it on guitar - now you do.

So, I guess it was an alright show. It did well in the ratings, anyway. I imagine I have more of an appreciation for it since I went to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame induction back in June. That wasn't nearly as overblown and excessive, but I can understand the draw. And let's not forget that for every deserving artist who wins a Grammy there are undeserving ones who win, too, and a lot of deserving artists who never did.

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