Go Big Or Go Home

"Don't try to see yourself the way that others do - it's no use" -Ben Folds Five

I began initial editing of the first video off my new album the other day, and the above lyric seems appropriate. We all can be hyper-critical about the way we look and the way we act, and believe me when I say that these things can become even more apparent when you're looking at yourself on a screen. Just like being in the recording studio, the process can be very exposing, sometimes bringing to light things about ourselves that make us feel self-conscious. But in the end, what's the alternative? To not record the record? To not release a video?  To not take a step forward?

Life is about getting outside of your comfort zone. If we don't continually do things that challenge us, that scare us, and that push us, then we begin to live stagnant lives. Many of us may find ourselves at the brink of something new, or something different, and feel unable to move forward due to the uncertainly of what lies ahead. But now's the time. Take the leap. 2013: go big or go home. That's the theme of the year. That should be the theme of every year. This year I'm going to make sure that I get out of my comfort zone. In many ways, I've come to the brink of something new, and this year is the time for me to go over the edge.

You should, too.

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