In an unusual turn of events, I've seen games at 3 different MLB stadiums this season: Citi Field, Camden Yards, and now Fenway Park. The first time I visited Fenway was in 2006 when I saw Dave Matthew Band for the first time (with opening act Sheryl Crow). I got a chance to see the park, touch the green monster, hear the ubiquitous Boston chants of "Yankees Suck," and experience "Sweet Caroline." On Sunday I actually got to see a game, and a Yankees vs. Red Sox game, at that.

I have to assume that every game at Fenway isn't as intense as Sunday's game, but I sure wish it was. Sunday's game was old school, helped in no small way by the old school venue. The fans were intense, and oddly enough I only saw one argument involving security. When they showed a replay of a terribly blown call by the first base umpire, the Boston fans seriously showed their displeasure. Those "boos" may be the loudest thing I heard all day. I also had one of the best Sam Adams Summer Ales I've ever had. I mean it should be damn good considering I'm drinking a draft Boston beer in Boston...and it cost $8.50. But at only a $.25 difference between Bud Light and Sam Summer, how can you not? In the end, though, as great a ballpark as Fenway is, it didn't feel like home.

After the game we made our way to the North End, stopped at the Old North Church, had a great dinner at Al Dente, and got a dynamite chocolate chip cannoli at Mike's Pastries. Luckily I'm going to be back in Boston in just two months, this time for a wedding. I love traveling and being places I've never been before.

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