Deconstructing "New York State of Mind": Part II

Over the past 2 weeks since the released of the "New York State of Mind" video, I've gotten some questions about it. Let's answer some.

Did you visit places in NYS that didn't make it into the final video?

Yes. There were a number of places that we filmed but just didn't have enough time to include. Especially since I wanted to make sure the video wasn't too heavy on the NYC locations. Because of that, Little Italy and Chinatown didn't make the cut, as well as few Long Island spots. Here's a video I put together of locations that were deleted due to time constraints:

There was also one spot we visited but didn't end up filming, and that was the United Nations. Why? Because they didn't have any flags out when we got there, and without the flags it's not really all exciting. And that's about 8 blocks of walking that I will never get back.

Many shirts, washed shirt, or stinky shirt?

Somewhere in the middle, actually. On the first 3-day leg I had a different black undershirt for each day, and I took the blue button-down off and hung it up between locations. Each of the other days were filmed separately, so I was able to wash my shirts no problem. But I will let you know that I wore the same jeans. These are the sacrifices you have to make.

What was your favorite location?

I really loved being in the Adirondacks because I spent a lot of time there when I was growing up but hadn't been there in years. A friend's grandparents had a house right on Tupper Lake and I would go up with him and his family (his aunt, uncle, and cousins live there now...and yes I drove by to see it!), so it was great to be there again. But my favorite location was Whiteface Mountain. For all the time I spent up there I had never made it to the top before, and if you've never been you have to do. Amazing views and great history.

Niagara Falls is obviously also spectacular.

The video is up over 3,500 views and climbing. Let's keep it going.

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