An Effective Ad?

I realize that I can be a bit too negative when it comes to music. Most of the time - especially when it comes to unsigned or lesser-known artists - I can point to something about a performance or a recording or a song that I do not like. Do I often let my displeasure known? Sometimes (just ask my friend Grim Chim). And I know that I shouldn't be so negative. I've been in networking master classes where the speaker talks about how talking negatively about another artist or genre - especially to someone that you've just met - can make you look closed-minded and foolish, so I try not to do it in that situation. However, I cannot help but tell you about my dislike for the new Pizza Hut commercials, and specifically the new theme song. I saw it twice while watching a episode of Seinfeld on TBS, and I must speak out against it. But before we go any further, let us back up a little bit.

For the record, Pizza Hut is not pizza. Now, I'm sure the good people at Pizza Hut spend a lot of time on their product, I'm sure they work hard, I'm sure they give it all they've got. But Pizza Hut is not pizza. More accurately, it's like "pizza product." I was at a party a few years ago on July 4th, and come the evening pizza was requested. And the only place was? You guessed it: Pizza Hut. I could practically see through the bottom of the cardboard there was so much grease, and that was the last time I ate the food offerings of the Hut.

Now they have this Big Dinner Box option. I guess it was launched before Thanksgiving, but I just saw the commercials for it last night. It costs $19.99 - only $8 more than a pie from the pizza place two blocks from my house. And it packs 5,000 a box. Presumably that's enough to feed 3 or 4 people (I hope, anyway). But I digress.

The song in the commercial is awful! I wish I could find it online to post here, but no luck. I've only heard it twice so I can't go into immense detail, but it makes you want to throw things at your TV. Hard. There's a girl singing about the product in a red room/house, at one point she slides down a fireman's pole, and the main line of the song is something like, "It's in the box, it's in the box, it's in the box." Wow, that's creative. Well, it may be in the box, but it will not be in my mouth, and they will not be in my wallet.

Or as my dad so perfectly put it after seeing the ad, "I would never buy another thing from Pizza Hut just on principle."

But you know what? They did get me talking about it.

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