2 Years, 7 Weeks, & 2 Days

This past Thursday I got my first listen to the mastered recordings for the new album, and they sound awesome. Like pure dynamite. Like when you get to hear these songs that I've been working on for so long, you will finally understand why I put so much time and effort into producing them. And for those of you keeping track, from initial drums tracks to master recordings took 2 years, 7 weeks, and 2 days. And the project isn't even full done yet. In contrast, initial drum tracks to master recordings for my first album took less than 5 months. You want to have a conversation about dedication? I'd be happy to have that conversation with you, but just keep in mind who it is that you're talking to.

So, what's next? The album art is done, and the ball will get rolling on the production of the physical CDs this week. Two music videos are currently in simultaneous production, but ideas need to be firmed out for more. Live arrangements need to be hashed-out, and the band needs to be fully assembled and rehearsed. The album release party needs to be planned, as well as booking more live shows, including more performances in NYC. I began laying the groundwork for the PR campaign back in July, but that's going to get firmed up more once we have a release date.

And after all that, I guess I can just sit back and relax, right? Sure thing. You just keep thinking that.

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